I worked for many years in an extremely busy NHS, during my leave-time I made several trips to Africa on various safaris. Now I am retired I intend to devote my time to wild-life photography.

When I was younger, I had a passion for ‘over-landing’ and in that way I was able to see as many countries in Africa as I could. For me Africa has a buzz and a
life-force that feeds my spirit and reaffirms the importance of treasuring each and every moment in life.

Some of my favourite places have been the Masai Mara, Sumburu in Kenya and Mala Mala in South Africa. On my very first trip to Africa I visited the Ngorro Ngorro crater. It was here, after camping overnight on the rim, with the hairs on the back of my neck tingling, listening to the roaring of the lions and the cackle of hyenas right through the night that I can say I was truly smitten. The following morning we traveled down into the crater, through several glorious layers of mist, to enter a world I had heard about but had found hard to believe could truely exist.

So that was it, my passion for Africa started from that point and I knew I would return there again and again.

Welcome to my website, I hope you enjoy your visit.

Sue Green